CrossFit is our general fitness program for all levels and ages designed to optimize your body through strength training and dynamic intense circuit workouts. This is our most popular offering. Each class consists of a warmup, mobility, skill work, and a workout of the day (WOD) that is constantly varied to ensure that both your mind and body are always challenged. Our workouts combine gymnastics conditioning, sprint conditioning, plyometrics, and weight training to give you a smart, well-rounded functional fitness education. One of the greatest aspects of Crossfit is all workouts can be modified in that moment so truly anyone of any ability can participate. We LOVE teaching beginners and encourage them to drop in on our beginners oriented classes on Sundays!



We offer 3 Weekly Classes dedicated to improving strength and weightlifting technique in the two pivotal movements in the sport of weightlifting: the snatch and the clean and jerk. This program is open to lifters of all skill levels. We happily work to share our love of weightlifting with beginners to help them take their newfound strengths and apply them to all facets of life! Our more seasoned athletes train in a competitive program with our USA Weightlifting Club, Oly Guacamole. This club prepares lifters to compete on a larger scale to showcase their gains and reach new heights of success. All students receive personalized or small-group programming, complementary accessory and conditioning work and are instructed by our incredible head coach, Jimmy Lujan.


Crossfit Teens

Our Teens classes are taught 3 times a week by Coach Kim in a fun and safe environment dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of fitness. All students are given a well-rounded introduction to functional fitness including weight training, gymnastics, and injury prevention. We promise to send them home tired and ready for bed.



The Gymnast Method is the perfect supplement to any strength and conditioning regimen. Build strength, recover from injury, and learn new skills that will improve everything from quality of movement to sports performance. Through the use of bodyweight conditioning, strength training, and gymnastics methodologies, the Gymnast Method will help you move like never before.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals