Learn, Play, Thrive


Everyday, Every Way, A Little Bit Better

Our aim is to give you the results you want in a fun environment that always helps you grow! In our amazing classes we combine plyometrics, bodyweight conditioning, weightlifting, mobility, the best bootcamp, and sprint conditioning. These elements, plus our encouraging community, provide an incredible workout for any age and any ability level.

Come improve your mental and physical performance through focused programming, high class coaching, and a fun, transformative community. Let’s get those Synapses firing!


Meet the Coaches of Team Synapse

Jimmy Lujan


Jimmy is the founder and owner of CrossFit Synapse. He uses his unique background in Mechanical Engineering paired with his years of experience in CrossFit to ensure proper fundamental movement standards across the gym. He specializes in mobility and emphasizes the importance of strong movement quality above all else. Jimmy runs our USA Weightlifting club, Oly Guacamole, and is constantly striving to bring out the best in his lifters/ gym members.

Kim Tjenalooi


Kim brings a wonderful energy to Synapse as she leads our CrossFit kids classes. She has over 7 years of coaching experience. As a mother of 3 kids herself, she takes a special interest in providing our Synapse kids an experience that focuses on proper movement while most importantly, having fun through fitness!

Matt Kloeris


Matt has been a staple in our Synapse community as both a tremendous coach and athlete since 2014. He’s best known for his witty sense of humor and awesome fierce classes on the weekends where our class members team up to tackle and conquer feats they didn’t think were possible! On top of this, Matt holds a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently working toward his Doctorate.

Nicole Flacco


Nicole is one of our founding community members- what we call an OG Synapster. On top of her many years of experience coaching CrossFit, Nicole also brings a special expertise to our community with her previous experience as a professional water polo competitor. She uses these strengths to enthusiastically lead our Frogman Program, effortlessly combining her affinity for water with her love of CrossFit.

Michel Lim


Michael is not only a strong coach, but also serves as our very talented in-house photographer as well! He plays both these roles at Synapse while working a full time job outside and we could not be happier to have him in the heart of our community! His dance moves are second to none, so step back or you will most certainly get served.

Ira Zabolotnaya


Ira brings a unique combination of fun, knowledge, and passion to the Synapse family. As perhaps the most pleasant no-nonsense coach to grace the industry, her holistic approach to health and fitness are sure to keep you feeling your best!