Nothing was working. I was walking a mile to the gym, doing an hour of cardio, walking a mile home, and eating nothing but Subway, day in and day out. I was at my heaviest I’d ever been, and I was sinking deeper and deeper into a depression I didn’t know how to climb out of. Then, I made an impulse decision that changed the course of my life forever.

I signed up for a gym that advertised a different type of circuit training, and I signed up blindly, for a year. When I walked in, I told the coach, “I need help, I want to change my life, just tell me what to do.” At this point, there wasn’t any room left for ego, my size had overtaken any extra space for that. 

My first class was a whirlwind. I was so beginner. I remember this girl in the class- she looked like she’d been playing soccer every day for the last 20 years- I couldn’t even comprehend trying to keep up with her.  

What I did do, though, was have FUN. We were jumping, climbing, MOVING in different ways that my body hadn’t done in YEARS. While it was so hard, I found myself smiling though it easily, and enjoying the hard work…until I found out that was just the warmup.

The end of class was 9 minutes of intensity. The music was loud, EVERYONE was working together, and my entire body was being used at once. I completely lost track of time  It was nothing I’d felt before, and when I was done, I was on the floor, out of breath, actually SWEATING…and completely in love. I just had my butt kicked, and my body AND brain LOVED it.

It was different than the sweat I had in spin class- I felt like I was using ALL of my muscles. It was different than the sweat I had in barre class- I felt more capable at the end of class than at the beginning. It was different than the sweat I had from running- I felt stronger rather than weaker. It was definitely different than the sweat I had from going to the gym on my own- I was engaged the whole time- it felt like adult recess. 

Here’s the thing about this CrossFit class- I did a beginner workout, but I did it at the same time as the super fit soccer girl. We had different variations of the same workout, but by doing it together, we fed on each other’s energy. It didn’t matter that I was just starting out. We were both on the floor at the end of the workout. 

CrossFit is the only exercise regimen I’ve been able to stick to, because it’s different every day, and I get to complete workouts that make me feel accomplished and strong. It’s because I’ve been able to stick to it that it has changed my body (and mind) so much. As you’ve probably guessed, eventually I became an owner of my own CrossFit gym, and I have the privilege of watching people go through this love affair every single day. 

If you’re interested at all, you should try it. The worst thing that happens is you don’t like it. The best thing that happens is it changes your life for the better, you make friends, you become fitter, more confident, and maybe change someone else’s life too. 

Who’s in?