“You are your synapses. They are who you are.”
— Joseph LeDoux, 2002 (in Synaptic Self)

What’s a Synapse?

A Synapse is how neurons communicate to one another. They are connections between brain cells used to send chemical and electrical signals through the brain and create neural circuits. We form new synapses and circuits as we gain new experiences, learn new skills, make decisions, meet new people, have interesting conversations, and move our bodies- basically, the more variety and life we live, the more synapses and circuits we create. Our experiences shape what neural circuits exist, how many circuits exist, and when we use them. Our synapses literally shape who we are.

Why is our gym called Synapse?

We honestly believe you’re here for more than just exercise- you’re here to improve your life and better yourself. Our goal is to give you an amazing array of experiences for your brain- challenges, new skills, friendships, obstacles, accomplishments, emotions – that the rest of your life changes too.  By coming to Synapse you’re refusing to simply endure the monotony of “exercise” and solitude, and instead surround yourself with something present and something adventurous every single day. Our goal isn’t just to give you a six pack, but to literally to give you LIFE.

Your experiences, your knowledge, your skill- these are how you create Synapses, and that’s why Synapse, our gym, exists for you.


In what way has Synapse helped shape your brain? We want to know! Email us your story!