I always tell people that I started CrossFit because I was fat. This is true. I was really chunky and really uncomfortable with it. It was hard to tackle my weight on my own and I needed help. I signed up for a full year of CrossFit on my first day and literally told my coach to change my life.  The real story, though, is why I STUCK with CrossFit and eventually wanted to own a gym. I had never stuck with any sort of exercise or class for longer than a couple of months… So why was CrossFit different?

  1. The feeling of being “in the zone.” Anyone else feel their heart beating a little faster when the clock starts counting down from 10? Anyone love the feeling of momentum when the whole class is PRing and cheering each other on? Anyone else love the feeling of pushing in the middle of the workout, even when you’re tired, when time doesn’t matter, and you’re doing your absolute best? That’s being in the zone, and I LIVE for this feeling. As a coach, I live for making YOU feel this feeling, and that in itself is just as satisfying and energizing.
  2. Accepting my faults and weaknesses. Everyone sucks at something in CrossFit, and everyone sucks at something in real life too. I am no longer afraid of being weak at something or identifying it. These are just the things I have to work on. It’s really simple. If I suck at something in real life, for example in my friendships or relationships, I need to get better at that too. And that’s fine. I can’t learn to be great at something if I don’t know how bad I am at it first.
  3. Learning is the fun stuff. Knowing what I’m bad at is actually a fun thing: It means I get to learn more stuff. Most CrossFitters understand that there are no shortcuts, in CrossFit or life. The best results happen with good old fashioned hard work.  This is why CrossFit works- you actually have to work hard. So if something in life is hard, it doesn’t really matter- the harder the better, because THAT’s when you actually change and find results. This really helps me not shy away from a challenge.
  4. I’m a better person. The amount of change I’ve gone through personally in the last 6 years is kind of monstrous. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’ve transitioned from a flighty 24-year-old to someone I have a lot of respect for. I am much more aware of and deliberate in the decisions I make, I care way less about society’s and other peoples’ expectations and instead listen to myself more, I am bolder, grittier, understand consequences better, and place higher importance on strong values. While you could make the argument that I simply got older and wiser, I attribute the strength of a lot of these changes to CrossFit.

These are the things that make me excited to come the gym every day. I know that what’s happening inside the gym is directly related to what’s happening outside the gym.

What reasons do YOU have for sticking with CrossFit? We want to know. Write down your story and share it with us!